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Concrete Crack Sealers

Products on this list were qualified by MassDOT as of the date posted: April 12th, 2017
Manufacturer Product Name Description
BASF MasterInject 1500* Type IV & V, Grade 1
Class C
BASF MasterSeal 630* 2-Component
Euclid Chemical Dural 452 MV Type IV, Grade 1
Class B & C
Grace Construction Products* Denepox I-40 Low Viscosity
Epoxy Resin
Kaufman Products SurePoxy HMLV Type IV & V, Grade 1
Class C
Sika Corp. Sikadur 35
Hi-Mod LV LPL*
Type IV & V, Grade 1
Class B & C
Sika Corp. Sikadur 52 2-Component
Moisture Tolerant
Sika Corp. Sikaflex-1A Polyurethane
Sika Corp. SikaPronto 19 TF* 2-Component
High Molecular Weight

* Tentative listing pending receipt of notarized name change letter from manufacturer