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Concussion trainings

Concussion trainings for school staff and healthcare professionals

DPH approved annual training for school staff

Regulations require that schools must provide Annual Trainings for coaches, school nurses, school and team physicians, certified athletic trainers, athletic directors, trainers, marching band directors, student athletes and their parents. The following annual training programs listed below meet the requirements of the regulations:

The following programs have been approved by DPH to provide the annual training in person that has met the requirements of the regulations:

DPH is interested in approving other programs to meet the annual training requirements of the regulations. The following link describes the training criteria and application process for approval:

DPH approved clinical training for clinicians providing medical clearance

The regulations require that physicians, nurse practitioners, certified athletic trainers, physician assistants and neuropsychologists providing medical clearance for students with sports related head injuries to return to play shall verify that they have received Department-approved training in traumatic head injury assessment and management or have received equivalent training as part of their licensure or continuing education.

The bullet below for the CDC training used in conjunction with the PowerPoint slides on the Massachusetts head injury regulations have been approved by MDPH. Both the CDC training and the power point slides must be completed to comply with the clinical training requirements of the regulations.

In addition, the clinical training programs listed below meets the requirements of the regulations for clinical training:

  • Boston Children's Hospital
    Sports Concussion Clinic

    9 Hope Avenue
    Waltham, MA 02453
    Phone: (781) 216-1328
    Training Directors: William P. Meehan, III, MD
    Alex M. Taylor, PsyD
    Michael O'Brien, MD
  • Warren A. Bodine, DO CAQSM
    Greater Lawrence Family Medicine Residency Program
    34 Haverhill Street
    Lawrence, MA 01841
    Phone: (978) 687-6453

DPH is inviting programs to apply to provide training for clinicians to meet the clinical training requirements of the sports concussion regulations. This training will be designed particularly for those providing medical clearance for return to play: physicians, certified athletic trainers, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and neuropsychologists. The following link describes the clinical training criteria and application process:

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Concussion treatment and management webinar

The Massachusetts Medical Society, along with DPH and the Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts has developed for healthcare professionals and the public a new online 1 ½ hour webinar aimed at identifying and managing  concussions as well as fully understanding the physical and cognitive limitations that can occur after a concussion. The multi-media program, ‘Concussion Treatment, Management and Prevention’, includes an overview of the signs, symptoms and treatment of concussion, recommendations for graduated return to play and return to learn for students who have suffered a concussion and an overview of policies and procedures required by the Mass. sports concussion regulations. The MA sports concussion regulations require physicians, nurse practitioners, licensed athletic trainers, physician assistants, and neuropsychologists providing medical clearance for return to play for student athletes verify that they have received DPH approved clinical training in traumatic head injury assessment and management. This webinar qualifies as a DPH approved training.