Conservation Restriction Review Program

Find details on the Conservation Restriction (CR) Review Program, including the DCS Model CR and Application and links to other resources you may find helpful in preparing your CR.

Conservation Restrictions are legal agreements that prohibit certain acts and uses, while allowing others, on private or municipally-owned property in order to permanently protect conservation values present on the land. The Conservation Restriction Review Program reviews CRs in order for the Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs to approve of the CR in the public interest pursuant to the Massachusetts General Laws (Ch. 184 Sec. 31-33). Massachusetts state law requires that all CRs in the state, unless held by another state agency, must be reviewed by the CR Review Program and approved by the Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs prior to being recorded.


  • Conservation Restrictions may be granted by public or private land owners to qualified organizations.
  • Qualified organizations include governmental units (e.g., Conservation Commissions or Water Supply Divisions) and non-profit organizations (such as a land trust or other conservation organizations).

To Submit a CR For Review

  1. Download and complete the DCS CR Application Form (link below)
  2. Download the DCS Model Conservation Restriction – applicants are strongly advised to follow the Model CR as this will help ensure an efficient review process – and draft your CR. (link below)
  3. Return the CR Application Form in hard copy, to:

Denise Pires – DCS
Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs

100 Cambridge St Suite 900
Boston MA 02114-2150

  1. Once your application form has been received, we will request all supporting materials (further described in the ‘Attachments’ section of the application form) to be e-mailed. Once your submission is complete, you will receive a confirmation letter sent to the e-mail address provided on the application detailing the next steps in the process.


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