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Consumer Service Department

The Consumer Services Section responds to inquiries and assists consumers in resolving insurance complaints against insurers, producers and other licensees.

In addition to providing consumers with general insurance information in the form of brochures and guides, Consumer Services also advises consumers of their options and rights under their policies, state laws and regulations. The section typically resolves over 2,000 written consumer complaints each year.

The Consumer Service database maintains an inventory of all written complaints and inquiries received from the public. Callers can obtain personal assistance by calling the Consumer Services hotline - 617-521-7794. Examiners answer questions regarding most lines of insurance, offer information about companies and producers such as status of licenses and complaint numbers. When appropriate, information of a suspicious matter may be referred either to Special Investigations, Enforcement or Market Conduct units for further action. "Slow pay" patterns and other questionable industry trends, are brought to the attention of the Division's Financial Surveillance staff, as these may be early indicators of liquidity or solvency problems.