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Contact the Superior Court Administrative Office

Find contact information for the Superior Court Administrative Office and office personnel.

Superior Court

Superior Court 
Administrative Office
Suffolk County Courthouse
13th Floor
Three Pemberton Square
Boston, MA 02108

Main: (617) 788-8130
Fax: (617) 788-8137

Administrative office personnel

Title Name Phone Number
Chief Justice Judith Fabricant (617) 788-8130
Deputy Court Administrator Elaina M. Quinn (617) 788-8130
Associate Court Administrator Richard T. Parsons (617) 788-8130
General Counsel Maria I. Pena (617) 788-8130
Field Coordinator Samantha L. Schrader (617) 788-8130
Regional Coordinator Susan M. Keohane (617) 788-8130
Case Management Coordinator Lori A. O'Rourke (617) 788-8130
Case Management Coordinator John Umile (617) 788-8130
Manager Legal Research Services Romeo Camba (617) 788-8130
Administrative Attorney Alex Philipson (617) 788-8130
Administrative Asst. to the Chief Justice Heidi Ebert (617) 788-8130
Administrative Coordinator Tashiva Williams (617) 788-8130


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