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DMF Staff Directory

The staff listed below can help with recreational or commercial permits, trip-level reporting, data requests, outreach needs, or general inquiries about the species we manage. If you cannot find who you're looking for, please call our Boston office.

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Fisheries Management and Policy
Name Title Phone
Kevin Creighton Chief Fiscal Officer (617) 626-1537
Melanie Griffin Fishery Policy Analyst (617) 626-1528
Dan McKiernan Deputy Director (617) 626-1536
Nichola Meserve Fishery Policy Analyst (617) 626-1531
Cate O'Keefe, PhD Fishery Policy Analyst (508) 742-9744
David Pierce, PhD Director (617) 626-1532
Jared Silva Regulatory and Adjucatory Law Clerk (617) 626-1534 
Permits, Reporting, and Statistics
Name Title Phone
Kerry Allard                   Permitting Coordinator - Transfers & Trap Tags   (617) 626-1633
Erich Druskat Fisheries Data Analyst (978) 282-0308 x105
Mary Ann Fletcher Fisheries Data Entry (978) 282-0308 x103
Kim Lundy Dealer Reporting Coordinator (978) 282-0308 x117
Story Reed Permitting & Statistics Program Manager (617) 626-1524
Anna Webb Statistics Project Leader (978) 282-0308 x115
Name Title Phone
Susan Boehler              Lab Supervisor - New Bedford (508) 742-9759
Florence Cenci Lab Supervisor - Gloucester (978) 282-0308 x135
Michael Hickey Assistant Director, Shellfish (508) 742-9768
Jeff Kennedy North Shore Regional Shellfish Supervisor (978) 282-0308 x165
Kevin Magowan Depuration Plant Coordinator (978) 465-5947 x311
Diane Regan Lab Supervisor - Newburyport (978) 465-5947 x312
Greg Sawyer Senior Shellfish Biologist - South Shore (508) 742-9769
Chris Schillaci Aquaculture & Vibrio Specialist (508) 742-9760
Tom Shields South Shore Regional Supervisor (508) 742-9767
Fisheries Biology, Recreational Fishing, Survey and Assessment
Name Title Phone
Michael Armstrong, PhD  Assistant Director (978) 282-0308 x109
Matt Ayer North Shore Recreational Fisheries (978) 282-0308 x107
John Boardman South Shore Recreational Fisheries (508) 742-9739
Nick Buchan Fisheries Dependent Investigations - Cod IBS (978) 282-0308 x125
Matt Camisa Resource Assessment Project Leader (508) 742-9743
Brad Chase Diadromous Fisheries Project Leader (508) 742-9747
Micah Dean Senior Marine Fisheries Biologist (978) 282-0308 x104
Scott Elzey Age & Growth Lab Supervisor (978) 282-0308 x120
Bob Glenn Assessment and Survey Program Manager (508) 742-9746
Bill Hoffman Fisheries Dependent Investigations Project Leader (978) 282-0308 x106
Dave Martins MRIP Coordinator (508) 742-9729
Gary Nelson, PhD Fish Biology Program Manager (978) 282-0308 x114
Michael Pol, PhD Conservation Engineering Project Leader (508) 742-9748
Tracy Pugh, PhD Invertebrate Fisheries Project Leader (978) 282-0308 x138
Brad Schondelmeier Herring RSA and Bycatch Avoidance (978) 282-0308 x123
Greg Skomal, PhD Recreational Fisheries Program Manager (508) 742-9745
Protected Species
Name Title Phone
Erin Burke            Whales and Turtles                           (508) 742-9725
Habitat Program
Name Title Phone
Tay Evans                       Environmental Review - North of Cohasset (978) 282-0308 x168
Eileen Feeney Environmental Review - Cohasset and South (508) 742-9721
Kathryn Ford, PhD Program Manager (508) 742-9749
Katelyn Frew Environmental Review - North of Cohasset (978) 282-0308 x157
Jillian Carr Environmental Review - North of Cohasset (978) 282-0308 x108
John Logan, PhD Environmental Review - Cohasset and South (508) 742-9722
Mark Rousseau Climate & Artificial Reef Specialist (978) 282-0308 x162
Steven Voss Surveying and seafloor mapping (508) 742-9728
Boating and Access Programs
Name Title Phone
Stephanie Cunningham Federal Aid and Grants Coordinator (978) 282-0308 x133
Cecil French CVA and BIG Grant Program Coordinator (978) 282-0308 x119
Ross Kessler Public Access Coordinator (508) 742-9738
Whitney Sargent CVA Grant Program, Invoicing (978) 282-0308 x148
Name Title Phone
Christine Cassidy              Recreational Fisheries Outreach and Education (978) 282-0308 x118
Wendy Mainardi Seafood Marketing (617) 626-1525
Kim Trull SADCT and Recreational Fishing Clinics (978) 282-0308 x130


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