DPH Staff Spotlight: Laboratory Professionals

Laboratory professionals play a critical role in supporting the mission of DPH. They include chemists, microbiologists, laboratory technicians, and supervisors.

At DPH, laboratory professionals work in the State Public Health Laboratory and in the four public health hospitals. They contribute to public health in the Commonwealth by processing laboratory tests (including for COVID-19), maintaining high-quality testing procedures, and enhancing patient care. Meet just a few of our laboratory professionals below.

Cynthia Condon, BS, M(ASCP), Microbiologist IV, Bureau of Infectious Disease and Laboratory Sciences


Cynthia Condon

2022 marks Cynthia’s 20th year with DPH. During her time here, she has expanded her knowledge and skills through cross-training in various testing laboratories. As a result, Cynthia became a technical supervisor and applied her newfound leadership skills to oversee multiple sections for DPH’s Central Lab Services Department. 

From Cynthia:

“My experiences at DPH have enhanced my abilities to think and adapt quickly to complete my work.

“It is satisfying to see that everyone who works here has a shared dedication to public health. I am incredibly thankful for my staff and team, as they are the backbone for the incredible work that we do.”

Natasha Davis, MLT(ASCP)CM, Microbiology Supervisor, Lemuel Shattuck Hospital

Natasha Davis

Natasha started at Lemuel Shattuck Hospital in October 2016. In her role she enjoys providing hands-on, high-quality healthcare to people who experience health inequalities in the Commonwealth. She feels fortunate to use her constantly growing education and clinical skills to have an impact on public health and to know that every day she’s making a real difference in people's lives.

From Natasha:

“I would recommend DPH as a place for someone who is passionate about public health. It is a great place to seek career opportunities and benefits for both personal and professional growth.”

Nicole Gethin, MS, Chemist III, Bureau of Infectious Disease and Laboratory Sciences, Division of Analytical Chemistry

Nicole Gethin

This year Nicole is celebrating 10 years since starting at DPH. During that time, she has enjoyed working in an emergency response laboratory because every day can be different. She thrives in situations that require the ability to quickly adapt and bring on new methods. Nicole finds many pieces of her role interesting, from running samples to outreach to hospitals and first responders.

From Nicole:

“DPH offers the unique benefit of the State Employees Responding as Volunteers (SERV) Program, which allows DPH staff to give back to their community by volunteering during their regular work schedules — up to one day per month — at an approved Massachusetts nonprofit organization.”

Hang Pham, BS, Microbiologist II, Bureau of Infectious Disease and Laboratory Sciences, Division of Microbiology

Hang Pham

Hang started at DPH in 2008, and she finds it to be a friendly and diverse working environment. She appreciates that DPH offers job stability, flexibility, and opportunities to learn and expand your career.

Working in clinical testing over the last 14 years, Hang understands the importance of not only accurate results, but also timely documentation and reporting to healthcare providers and patients. An error at any point in the process can have serious implications, and Hang is proud of taking the utmost care to ensure the results and reporting are accurate.

From Hang:

“I am glad to be at work every day as a front-line worker and to contribute to a team that is fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I also enjoy working with my colleagues; they are all great people who always help and support each other. There are many experienced microbiologists, and I have been able to learn a lot from them.”

Samuel Valentin, Lab Tech I, Tewksbury Hospital

Samuel Valentin

Samuel began at Tewksbury Hospital in May 2020, shortly after the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, he has found it has helped him to learn additional skills, including how to effectively manage stress, a part of every job. Samuel enjoys being part of a very diverse group that excels in teamwork. He finds it rewarding to serve patients and help providers fill orders.

From Samuel:

“I would definitely recommend working here. DPH helped me to better understand guidelines, policies, and procedures via the PolicyTech tool that is utilized by the hospital.”

Delesha Woodley, BA, Microbiologist II, Bureau of Infectious Diseases and Laboratory Sciences

Delesha Woodley

Delesha started working at DPH in 2016. In the years since, she has experienced tremendous growth in professional communication. Her role requires a great deal of interaction with others throughout the building. She stresses that effective communication is critical to her success — and the success of people around her.

From Delesha:

“What I enjoy most about my job is the variety of work we do for the benefit of the Commonwealth’s residents. I enjoy hearing about my colleagues’ days and routines and how a particularly tricky situation got sorted out. On the unusual days that things don’t go as expected, there are clear guidelines for getting things back on track.”