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Efficient Vehicles

Vehicle fleets are often overlooked as opportunities for efficiency upgrades.

Vehicle fleets can use a significant percentage of total energy use, especially in smaller towns with fewer buildings. Several statewide contracts are available for use by all public entities in Massachusetts

Efficient Vehicles

DOER is working with municipalities to address energy used by vehicles, an often overlooked usage that can be challenging to address. The designated Green Communities use an average of 19 percent of their total municipal energy use on vehicular fuel. In small towns, this number can be much higher - up to 35 percent. Criterion 4 (purchase only fuel-efficient vehicles) is one of five criteria to be met to become a designated Green Community.

Energy usage by vehicles can be decreased by purchasing more fuel-efficient vehicles and by improving the efficiency of existing vehicles. By increasing the fuel efficiency of individual vehicles, operating them more efficiently, and improving overall fleet management, municipalities can save significant amounts of energy and money while helping to address the risks associated with air pollution and climate change.

Cities and towns can purchase fuel efficient vehicles off the statewide contract, VEH98, Purchase of Light Duty Vehicles - Passenger Cars, SUVs, Trucks, Vans, SSVs and PPVs.  Several makes and models of hybrid and electric vehicles are available for purchase.  Please reference the Operational Services Division (OSD) VEH98 Contract User Guide.

In addition, DOER, in partnership with the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) and OSD, developed a statewide contract for advanced vehicle technologies. See program summary.

The VEH102 contract, Designated DOER Advanced Vehicle Technology Equipment, Supplies and Services, on the state's procurement website - CommBuys is now available for use by all public entities in Massachusetts. Please reference OSD's  VEH102 Contract User Guide.

There are three service categories covered by this statewide contract:

  • Electric vehicle supply equipment – e.g. charging stations
  • Idle reduction technology
  • Aftermarket conversion technology

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