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Electronic reporting for seafood dealers (eDR)

Learn about the SAFIS eDR application and electronic reporting for dealers.

Getting an account and logging on to SAFIS

  • Contact Kim Lundy at (978) 282 0308 x 117 or to get a SAFIS account.
  • Federal dealers are required to report electronically. If you are a federal dealer and have not yet received an account from NOAA Fisheries, please let us know.
  • If you have logged on before but received an error message when trying to log in:
    • Click the 'Forgot Password?' link on the login page and enter the necessary information to reset your password.
    • If that does not work, please call or email and we will reset your password.

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Negative reports

  • You only have to enter a "did not purchase" report if you don’t buy product for an entire week. To do so, you would enter a negative report for the date range of the week(s).
  • Clicking the green save button submits the transaction to us. The application will bring you to a summary page and ask you to click 'Finish.'
    • Once back on the negative reports page, the submitted dates will be listed to the left of the calendar, and colored green in the calendar.
  • You can delete a negative report by checking the box next to the report date and click the red delete button. If you'd like to delete all negative reports for a given year, check the box in the header next to the label 'Report Date' and click the red delete button.
    • As a reminder, a positive report will overwrite a negative report on a given day.

Setting up favorites and the price board

  • The favorites section allows you to default and store certain information, such as gear types, species purchased, and dispositions. You can also manage your frequent fishers list in the favorites menu.
  • The price board lets you set prices for species within a given time period.
  • Setting up and configuring your favorites will save a significant amount of time when entering your reports.

Fisherman and port information

  • The fisherman search box only lists the first 15 fishermen in the MA list. Be sure to search for fishermen by license number in the search box first.
    • Searching by first OR last name is the next best option. Do not search for both as a single string.
    • Additionally, be sure to clear any searches before trying a new search.
    • Be sure to select the Massachusetts permit number for an individual when the product was landed in Massachusetts.
  • If you cannot find a fisherman in SAFIS, please contact the statistics project to determine the cause.
  • The port of landing is the location where the fisherman offloads the catch.
  • Once a fisherman/port/vessel combination is added to a dealer report, it is automatically saved to your frequent fishers list. Any fisher in the list can be selected and the port and vessel will auto-populate

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Vessel information

  • The vessel search box only lists the first 15 vessels in the MA list. Be sure to search for vessels by registration number in the search box.
    • If the vessel is registered in a different state, set the registering state to the appropriate state. Then search by registration number.
    • Additionally, be sure to clear any searches before trying a new search.
  • If you cannot find a vessel in SAFIS, please contact the statistics project to determine the cause and add it to the list.
  • Vessels that are not associated to a commercial permit will not be available in SAFIS. If the vessel isn’t in our database, then there’s no way for us to add it to the SAFIS database.
    • If this is the case, please select the “Unknown” vessel that has a corresponding registration number of MS9999.
  • If the fisherman fished from shore please check the “no vessel” box.

Landings information

  • If you only purchase one of your favorite species in a given transaction, leave the “Reported Quantity” blank for species not harvested, and they will not save.
  • Click the trash can icon at the beginning of the catch row to delete a species from your report.
  • Selecting a gear in the first row of favorite species will automatically select the gear for all rows.
  • Designated shellfish growing areas are required for all shellfish transactions.
  • Make sure the quantity and price match the unit of measure given for the species. For example, do not enter a bushel price for product listed in count.
  • If a price is unknown at the time of submission, submit an update of the transaction within 30 days. Please state that it is a correction.
  • Dollars will auto calculate from the reported quantity and price values.
  • Please use the “Catch Source” field to identify farmed, carred, or research products.
    • Enter "Standard" if the landing does not fall under the other three categories.
    • "Aquaculture" is for all cultured products.
    • The "Carred" option is for lobsters sold from a “car.” If you are not sure if the lobsters were “carred,” use the "Standard" option.
    • The "Research" option is for purchases from vessels participating in a research program.

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Swipe Card eDR Mobile Application

In 2016, ACCSP and DMF launched the production version of the swipe card SAFIS eDR Mobile Application. The app allows shellfish dealers to complete transactions with their shellfish cards. It is not yet available to dealers reporting to SAFIS under federal regulations. The app will work on desktop and mobile devices running Windows, iOS, or Android platforms. It can also work offline by queuing reports for submission once reconnected to a data connection.

The application itself is free. Dealers need to supply their own devices and specific card readers that cost between $45 and $100 each.

If you wish to use the application, contact Anna Webb at (978) 282-0308 x115 or Kim Lundy at (978) 282-0308 x117 for more information. You can also review our training document to learn how to use the app.

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