Employee/staff grief and trauma support

Grief resources for staff and employees of Bureau of Substance Addiction Services (BSAS)-funded programs.

BSAS-funded program staff are on the front lines of the overdose crisis. Many program staff have experienced loss, grief, and trauma related to working with individuals and families with subastance use disorders. BSAS has resources available to support providers affected by trauma and loss.

BSAS offers on-site crisis response services to BSAS-funded programs, through a collaboration with Institute of Health and Recovery (IHR). The BSAS/IHR Crisis Response Initiative provides on-site support for staff and/or clients of BSAS programs that have experienced a traumatic event. To access these services, call 617-661-3991 and say you are calling for crisis response.

Additionally, Coping With Overdose Fatality: Tools For Public Health Workers (PDF) l (DOCX) is a resource written for staff of BSAS-funded programs that outlines initial steps to take in the aftermath of an overdose death to best support program staff and clients.