EMS Continuing Education

In order to maintain your certification, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel in Massachusetts must complete continuing education requirements.

Continuing education requirements

In accordance with AR 2-212 EMT Continuing Education Standards (DOC), required continuing education (Con-Ed) used for Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) recertification must meet specific requirements:

Where can I take continuing education courses?

Courses may be taken at a DPH-accredited EMT training institution, an ambulance service or municipal first responder agency, a hospital or with an instructor who has obtained a DPH OEMS approval number. Complete lists of approved continuing education courses may be obtained by contacting one of Massachusetts’ five Regional EMS Council offices.

EMTs are reminded to retain documentation of completion for every course they take. This could be a course completion certificate, copy of completed sign-in sheet (roster), or other documentation.

Information for course sponsors and instructors