Energy & Heating Resources for Merrimack Valley

If your home or business was impacted by the recent gas incidents in the Merrimack Valley, learn more about next steps for replacing your gas equipment and appliances.

Energy efficient options are available for customers considering alternatives to the replacement of your natural gas appliances and heating or hot water equipment by Columbia Gas. 

Energy efficient appliances can reduce your energy consumption and help you save money on your energy bills. 


Columbia Gas will be replacing all natural gas appliances including boilers, hot water heaters, stoves and clothes dryers as needed. Columbia Gas is making an effort to offer energy-efficient options for efficient Mass Save® gas appliances and equipment where applicable, which will not require a Mass Save® energy audit.

If you have questions about direct gas replacements by Columbia Gas, please call 1-800-590-5571 or visit 


If you are working directly with a third party contractor to replace your gas equipment, file a claim with Columbia Gas at 1-800-590-5571 and speak with a claims adjuster. 

If you are replacing high efficiency equipment with high efficiency equipment, your claim should cover the cost of its replacement. If you are replacing standard efficiency equipment with high energy efficiency equipment, you may be eligible for a Mass Save® rebate that will cover the difference between the amount that you receive from the Columbia Gas claims process and the cost of a high efficiency model.

Contact the Columbia Gas Energy Efficiency Program directly for assistance and to ensure you are purchasing eligible equipment: or 1-508-836-7388. 


Through the insurance claim process, Columbia Gas will compensate you for the reasonable cost of replacing your gas equipment. 

You may choose to use this compensation to convert to another fuel. Through Mass Save®, National Grid is providing rebates for energy efficient electric appliances to those interested in converting from or supplementing natural gas. Options include energy efficient air source heat pumps and several other technologies for heating, hot water and clothes drying. 

For information on efficient electric alternatives, contact Mass Save® by visiting or by calling 866-251-5667.

The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center also offers rebates for various clean heating and cooling technologies. For air-source heat pump models that are eligible for both a MassCEC rebate and a MassSave rebate, the rebates can be added together. Learn more on MassCEC's website.

You can download a brochure recapping this information in the Additional Resources below this section.

Customers who wish to install heat pumps as their primary fuel source designed to supply 90% or more of their annual heating needs may also qualify for incentives under the Commonwealth’s Alternative Portfolio Standard, which allows eligible systems to generate Alternative Energy Certificates. Customers are encouraged to talk to their installer about qualifying for this incentive and can learn more here.  



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