Facilities Resources

Find information about facilities resources offered by the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance’s (DCAMM).

OFMM’s Facility Resources team supports the Commonwealth’s efforts in addressing deferred maintenance/critical repairs, preventative maintenance activities, operational best practices, and other elements of facility management. The team also manages the state-wide Massachusetts Facility Management Association (MAFMA). MAFMA supports collaborative information sharing and problem solving through meetings, training webinars and an e-mail listserv blog.   MAFMA convenes special topic, ad-hoc committees as members identify needs for more detailed discussion and/or programs.  The team has established and maintains a tool  barn “lending library”  for sharing equipment.

The Facility Resources team members listed below are the DCAMM - OFMM representatives who are available to help our client agencies address their operations and maintenance challenges and issues.

Francis (Tom) Tagan, Director of Facility Resources   

Scott Calisti, Agency Liaison – Community Colleges   

Michele Davis, Agency Liaison - Public Safety/Community Colleges   

Tan Nguyen, Agency Liaison - Health and Human Services/UMASS Campuses   

Azinga Ming, Agency Liaison - Trial Courts/State Universities

Michael Arcadipane, Agency Liaison -Community Colleges   

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