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Look up public information about complaints, agency enforcement actions, debarment, and bid decisions.

Fair Labor Division complaints

The complaint dataset displays public information taken directly from complaints received by the Attorney General’s Office. The posting of this data does not mean that the Office has made a determination as to the merits of these complaints or the validity of the information provided. Please note that where publication of certain data may lead to the identity of the complainant or compromise investigatory efforts, that data has not been included.

Using the dataset

The information may be downloaded in Excel and sorted or filtered by various fields.

Fair Labor Division enforcement data

In addition to criminal enforcement authority, the Attorney General may issue civil citations to employers for violations of the Massachusetts wage and hour, prevailing wage, and child labor laws.

You can view enforcement actions that have been taken by the Attorney General’s Fair Labor Division since January 2015.

Using the dataset

The information may be downloaded in Excel and sorted or filtered by employer, violation, industry, and other criteria.

Links to the statutes listed in the Violation column may be found here.

Debarred contractors

Employers who violate certain laws may be automatically prohibited from contracting with the state or any municipal entity (city or town) for any public building (construction) or other public works. Debarment applies to all affiliates of the contractor or subcontractor as well as any successor company or corporation. This list contains current and historical debarment information from the Attorney General’s Fair Labor Division.

Using the dataset

The dataset may be downloaded in Excel and sorted or filtered by employer, city, debarment beginning and end dates, and other criteria.

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Bid protest decisions

When resolving a public building construction or public works construction bid protest, the Attorney General's Office applies the applicable and relevant law to the facts that are found at the hearing. The applicable law is derived from three sources: statutory law, case law, and prior bid protest decisions from the former Department of Labor and Industries (DLI) and the Attorney General's Office.

The Massachusetts General Laws Annotated contain the statutes and a Notes of Decision section which lists many relevant public bidding decisions of the Supreme Judicial Court and the Appeals Court.

About the dataset

This database covers Attorney General bid protest decisions going back to 2003, with various decisions from 1989-2002. Bid decisions are organized by year and the decision date, with the most recent decision at the top. The decisions are also searchable by awarding authority, protestor, key word, or key phrase. For more information, please contact the Bid Protest Unit at (617) 963-2371 or AGOBidUnit@state.ma.us.

The Office's bid protest decisions are also available at the Francis X. Bellotti Library, in the John W. McCormack Building, at One Ashburton Place, Boston, and available to members of the Social Law Library.

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