FAQ's About OPRA and the Appointment Process

What is OPRA?
The Online Producer Appointment website (OPRA) is the Massachusetts Division of Insurance's new online website for appointing insurance producers. By using OPRA, insurance companies can submit the following actions online to the Division: request producer appointments; terminate existing appointments; add new lines of authority to existing appointments; view a list of existing appointments and view various other lists, including a list of recently terminated appointments.

How does the online appointment process work?
After logging onto the secure website, you may view the lists of your company's individual and business entity producer appointments. On this website you can add new appointments, change lines and terminate appointments. Your appointment requests will be submitted electronically, and as appointment fees are required, these too, are submitted electronically with the Division's enhanced on-line EFT / ACH payment process. When the payment process has been completed on-line, we will send you a confirmation email message.

How does my company access OPRA?
Go to the OPRA Website. Enter your company's User ID and Password. You will need the browser Microsoft Explorer 5.5 or higher (or Netscape 7.0) to operate the application.

How does my company obtain an OPRA User ID and Password?
Since the on-line process became available in May 2003, each company has been assigned a User ID and Password. The Administrator of appointments (Registered User) within your company has access to both.

What if I forget my password to OPRA?
The primary user will also be able to change the company's password to the OPRA web site after logging in with the password provided by the Division. The password is case sensitive; so make sure the Caps Lock key is off. If, after you change your password, you are unable to remember it, please request a reminder by clicking on the "Forgot Password?" link on the OPRA login screen. Supply your User ID and NAIC number and your password will be emailed to you.

My company wishes to register a new/different user for OPRA. How do we do this?
Information on registering a new user for OPRA is available at ( OPRA Website).

Can my company have more than one Registered User?
The Division will issue each company, by NAIC number, one (1) User ID and Password. We strongly recommend that only one user at a time work on your company's appointment information. This is because when your company user logs in and begins entering data, a "batch" file is created. If multiple users log at the same time, they will be working on the same batch. If the batch is submitted to the Division before all the users have completed their entries, data could be lost.

What are the technical requirements for accessing OPRA?
The website requires the browser Microsoft Explorer 5.5 or higher, although Netscape 7.0 is optional. If you do not have the correct browser version, you may download the version from www.microsoft.com/IE or consult your company's technical staff. Also, your browser must be set to allow cookies. If cookies are not enabled then OPRA will not allow you to login. For more information on cookies click on the "What are cookies?" link on the OPRA login page.

How do I obtain instructions for using the OPRA website?
The website has been designed to be very user friendly. However, if you are unsure of what action to take, you will find a help button on every page. The help feature explains the electronic appointment process in detail.

How will I know when the Division processes my company's "batch" of new appointments?
Depending on your internal business practices, the Division will send a confirmation email to the email address of the licensing administrator who registered on OPRA.

What are the criteria for appointing an individual or business entity to my company?
If the individual has never been licensed before, then the individual must first become licensed as an Insurance Producer ( Resident Licensing Requirements ) / ( Non-Resident Licensing Requirements ).
If the individual is currently licensed as an Insurance Broker in Massachusetts, the Division will convert that individual to an Insurance Producer at his/her next regularly scheduled renewal. He/she is eligible for immediate appointment with your company.
If the individual is currently licensed as an Insurance Agent and does not hold a broker license, then he/she must first become licensed as an Insurance Producer using the Transitional Licensing procedure ( Resident Licensing Requirements ) / ( Non-Resident Licensing Requirements ). OPRA will not allow you to make an appointment to an unlicensed individual or business entity.
Companies must submit the appointment within fifteen (15) days from the date of the agency contract or the first application is submitted, whichever is sooner.

What if a Producer fails to renew his/her license in a timely way and it is canceled. Will this effect the producer's appointment with my company?
Yes. If a Producer fails to renew his/her license by the license renewal date, the producer license will automatically cancel. All appointments affiliated with the producer license will also automatically cancel.

Will the Division notify my company when an appointment is canceled due to the Producer's failure to renew his/her license?
The Division will notify your company of canceled appointments via the "Appointment Termination Report", a feature on OPRA. Companies are encouraged to view their "Appointment Termination Report" on a regular basis for this important information. This report, updated daily, lists all recently canceled appointments, whether the cancellation was the result of an action by the company, the producer or the Division.

What if a producer's license is canceled for non-renewal and then reinstated on a date soon after. Does my company need to reappoint the individual?
Yes, your company must reappoint this individual. You will be able to view the individual's license reinstatement date on OPRA.

Does my company need to appoint an individual if that individual no longer represents the company, but continues to receive commissions on prior business placed with the company?
No. An active appointment is not necessary for an individual to receive commissions.

What is the amount of an appointment fee?
Appointment fees are $75.00 per individual and $75.00 per member of a business entity.