Forensic Support Sections

Our forensic support units review and support our Crime Laboratory's functions.

Case Management Unit

Our Case Management Unit is our Crime Laboratory's main point of contact with outside agencies. We handle casework assignment and documentation for several of our units. We also respond to many discovery requests, except for alcohol testing discovery and postmortem toxicology discovery.

Quality Assurance Section

Our Quality Assurance Section oversees the laboratory's' accreditation. We ensure that our laboratories adhere to the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 international testing and calibration standards in addition to forensic-specific ANAB (ANSI National Accreditation Board) AR 3125 accreditation standards. Our quality review process includes:

  • Yearly internal audits

  • Quality evaluations and corrective actions 

  • Proficiency testing

  • Risk assessment and preventive actions

The Quality Assurance Section also coordinates all outside accreditation-related assessments and FBI Quality Assurance Standards DNA audits.

Evidence Control Unit

Our Evidence Control Unit provides support to all our Crime Laboratory units. Our unit:

  • Reviews all items submitted to our labs for testing

  • Stores, packages, and transports items, following set standards

  • Electronically tracks items using the Laboratory Information Management System

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