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FY12-FY16 State Plan


Massachusetts State WIA/WP and DOL Programs Plan for 2012 - 2016

The Massachusetts State Integrated Workforce Plan for Workforce Investment Act Title I/Wagner-Peyser Act and Department of Labor Workforce Programs, for Program Years 2012 - 2016.

The Plan is comprised of four main sections:

  1. State Workforce Strategic Plan - the elements of this section represent the high-level vision, goals, economic and workforce analysis, strategies and outcomes that the governor and strategic partners collaboratively identified for the states' future. The elements of this section are intended to serve as a vehicle for the governor, state workforce investment board, and other partners to identify broad goals and strategies for the state.
  2. State Operational Plan - this section clarifies how specific workforce programs will operationalize, administer, and implement systems and structures to achieve the vision, strategies and goals identified by the Strategic Plan.
  3. Assurances - in which the state assures the Department that it is complying with applicable law.
  4. Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) Plan 2012/2015 - SCSEP is authorized by the Title V of the Older American Act, and it is federally funded by the Department of Labor. It is an employment and training program for low-income mature workers (55+). The Massachusetts Executive Office of Elder Affairs is the lead state agency responsible for administration of SCSEP in Massachusetts.

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