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Hammond Pond Parkway Improvements Project

Improving safety and accessibility for all users along Hammond Pond Parkway
Hammond Pond Parkway

Project Overview

Hammond Pond Parkway (HPP) is an approximately two-mile long corridor extending from Beacon Street at the northern end to Horace James Circle at the southern end. The parkway alternates between a three and four- lane, bidirectional roadway.

The parkway is uniquely situated to provide access to acres of conservation areas in the midst of the heavily developed Chestnut Hill Mall and surrounding neighborhood. The northern segment, which is part of the current project, bisects a popular conservation area including DCR’s Hammond Pond Reservation and the Webster Conservation Area. The area around Route 9 is a major commercial node. South of Route 9, the section that is not part of this contract, the parkway alignment is adjacent to the Lost Pond Conservation Area and Skyline Park.

Pedestrian access is relatively limited except in the vicinity of Route 9. HPP does not feature any bicycle facilities or a shoulder that is usable by bicyclists. The high volume and speed of traffic are a significant deterrent to safe bicycling or pedestrian travel. The Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) has hired BSC Group to provide professional consulting services to design and prepare 100% construction plans, specifications, and construction cost estimates; prepare and obtain required permits and approvals as necessary; and provide Bidding and Construction Phase Services for the design and implementation of the Hammond Pond Parkway Improvements, Phase I, Beacon Street to Route 9, Newton.

The design plans will detail the full depth reconstruction of Hammond Pond Parkway between Beacon Street and Route 9, a distance of approximately 5,200 LF. This will include the design of a shared-use path on the west side of the roadway, a reduction in road travel lanes and width, and new traffic signal design at two existing signalized intersections.

Project Vision and Goals

Hammond Pond Parkway Phase 1—Beacon Street to Route 9

  • The DCR’s long-term vision is to create safe bike and pedestrian accommodations along the entire 2-mile length of Hammond Pond Parkway (Beacon Street to Horace James Circle). Due to the complicated nature of this project, DCR is phasing the project into two phases. Phase 1 of the Hammond Pond Parkway Improvement Project is defined as Beacon Street to, and under, the Route 9 overpass. Following are diagrams of existing and proposed conditions for Phase 1.

Over the course of this project, DCR’s goals will be:

  • Redesign Hammond Pond Parkway as a “complete street” gem in the DCR parkway system.
  • Reduce travel lanes from four lane roadway to two lane parkway from Beacon Street to The Shoppes at Chestnut Hill driveway.
  • Maintain existing travel lane configuration from The Shoppes at Chestnut Hill driveway to Route 9.
  • Provide improved access to adjacent DCR and City of Newton conservation areas.
  • Create continuous ADA compliant access along all of the Phase 1 parkway segment.
  • Install landscaped buffer between roadway and shared use path with appropriate native plantings.
  • Redesign light signals within Phase 1, including the Beacon Street signal, to accommodate all motor vehicle traffic demands while providing major safety upgrades for pedestrians and bicyclists.
  • Replace existing cobra head street lights with appropriate parkway standard street lights.
  • Redesign the cross section of the DOT bridge over the MBTA Riverside Line tracks to better and more safely accommodate pedestrians and bicyclists crossing over the bridge.

Project Schedule

Target Milestones:

  • Public meeting held on January 21, 2021.
  • The plans will be at 75% design in Early 2021.
  • Meet with DOT bridge section in February to get design feedback and clarify approval process.
  • File NOI with Newton Conservation Commission in March, 2021.
  • 100% design submission by March, 2021.
  • Full PS&E ready to go out to bid for construction by late summer or early fall, 2021.
  • Design and construction funding:
    • Design contract with BSC Group funded at $540,500. Spent to date = $248,921.
    • 25% Design Construction Estimate = $6,501,555 (10% contingency included)
    • DCR Parkway Reconstruction funding required (R039) to fund project through completion.
    • FY21 projected additional funding expenditure: $230,000 on BSC Design.
    • FY22 & FY23: Approximately $6,501,555 on construction; $65,000 (already in BSC’s contract) for bidding and construction phase services.
    • Additional Funding: None


Public Meetings Information

Get Involved

DCR will conduct a robust public process and provide members of the public with meaningful opportunities to share their input with the project team throughout the project’s design phase. Based on the Commonwealth’s response to the Coronavirus, we will continue our work with the public virtually. 

  • We want to hear your ideas for making Hammond Pond Parkway safer and more enjoyable for all users. Public input will help the project team develop design alternatives that reflect and respond to community needs and aspirations.  After each phase of the design process, DCR will welcome input through announced public comment periods. Currently, we are accepting public comment until 2/18/2021 from the first public meeting that was held on 1/21/2021.