Planning, Design & Resource Protection

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The Bureau of Planning, Design & Resource Protection provides planning services and project management for DCR’s stewardship and protection of recreational, cultural and natural resources.


DCR is involved with the administration and oversight for design, permitting and construction of complex projects. Ensuring the protection of important natural and cultural resources, and ongoing coordination and communication with partners and stakeholders are key components of this project management responsibility.

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Resource Management Plans

Resource Management Plans consider an entire property (or properties), and focus on the documentation of existing resources and active management resources and practices, development of recommendations for resource protection and staffing needs, and provide a review of the management intentions and their effectiveness in safeguarding conservation while fostering appropriate recreational opportunities.

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Master Plans

Master Plans are tools to guide short and long term strategies for capital investment and development, principally of recreational facilities. They are a necessary part of the assessment of a property and/or an individual park facility in an era of transition and renewal.

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