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Hearing-carry-over relay

Hearing-carry-over is one of the many options we offer for relay services.

What it is

Hearing-carry-over (HCO) is designed for people who can hear but have difficulty speaking clearly. You can listen to the other person speak and type your response to the relay operator on a text telephone (TTY). The operator then repeats what you typed to the other person.

Tips for calling

  • Before typing, wait for "HCO ON GA" to appear on the screen or for the operator to say "hearing-carry-over has been activated"
  • Once the call is connected, everyone on the call will be able to hear each other
  • Type "GA" each time you're finished typing and ready for a response
  • If you know your call will go to an answering machine or voicemail,  you can type your message before the call is connected
  • Every time a hearing-carry-over call is placed, the operator will ask the person you've called if they're familiar with hearing-carry-over and explain if need be