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Impartial physicians roster

This is a list of doctors who perform impartial medical examinations for the Department of Industrial Accidents after a conference order has been appealed.

The roster

UPDATED: 6/17/2019

Abramson Ronald Psychiatry Wayland
Ackland Michael Orthopedic Surgery - Shoulder, Knee Boston
Aliotta Armand Neurologist Westfield
Balthazar Nicole General Dentistry Forestdale
Barassi James P. Chiropractic Leominster
Berenson Mark Orthopedic Surgery Malden, Everett
Bienkowski Daniel Orthopedic Surgery - Arthroscopy, Arthroplasty Stoneham
Birbiglia Vincent Neurology Worcester, Hyannis
Blazar Steven Orthopedic Surgery - Cervical/Lumbar Attleboro, Pawtucket
Bogdasarian John Otolaryngology Fitchburg
Boutin Pier Orthopedic Surgery Great Barrington
Braverman Michael Psychiatrist Cambridge 
Brooks David General and GI Surgery Boston
Brown Vasu  Pain Management Holliston
Bulczynski Wojciech Orthopedic Surgery - Spine Newton
Chervin Paul Neurology Woburn
Cicerchia David Orthopedic Surgery - Cervical/Lumbar Attleboro, Pawtucket, RI
Corsetti John Orthopedic - Shoulder, Knee Springfield
Cowan Robert Scott Orthopedic/Spine Care Springfield
Cutler Mark Psychiatry Worcester
Doorly Terence Neurosurgeon - Spine Peripheral Nerves Peabody
Eneyni Mazen Neurologist Abington
Ertel Alan Orthopedic - Wrist, Hand, Fingers Arlington
Estes Sheree Psychologist Worcester
Etskovitz Ronald Podiatrist, Foot Surgery Newton
Feliz Roberto Pain Management, Anesthesiology Hyde Park
Friedman Mark Internal Medicine, Occupational Medicine Cambridge
Gastel Jonathan Orthopedic Surgery - Shoulder/Knees Attleboro, Pawtucket, RI
Geuss Lawrence Orthopedic - Back, Neck, Shoulders, Knees Pawtucket, RI
Glazier Kenneth Orthopedic - General, Hand, Upper Extremity, Knees Newburyport
Graf Frank Orthopedic Surgery Portsmouth, NH
Graff Steven Orthopedic Surgery - Hand/Elbow Attleboro, Pawtucket, RI
Green Alan Podiatrist Chestnut Hill
Harris Scott Orthopedic Surgery Bourne
Hass Michael Podiatrist - Sports Medicine Chestnut Hill
Hemani Sadruddin Otolaryngology - Head/Neck Surgery, Allergy, ENT Newburyport
Hom Stanley Orthopedic Surgery - Hand Weymouth
Hsieh Hwa Hsin Orthopedics Worcester
Kahn Michael Psychiatry Brookline
Katz Gerald Orthopedic Fall River
Kenny Charles Orthopedic Surgery Worcester and Great Barrington
Kent David Psychologist - General, Neuropsychology Worcester
Kuchnir Louis Dermatologist Marlborough
Land William Psychiatry Newton
Levin Barry Neurology Concord
Levine Robert Neurology, Otoneurology Brookline
Lussier Mary Neurology - Clinical Neurophysiology East Providence, RI
Mark Konrad Neurology Arlington, Hamilton
McGlowan James Orthopedic Surgery - Joint Replacement, Sports Medicine Whitman, Quincy, Dorchester
Milosavljevic Vladan Neurology Lawrence, Lowell
Morley David Orthopedics Lowell
Morris Thomas Pulmonary Brockton
Morrissey Kenneth Orthopedic Surgery Cranston, RI
Murphy Michael Orthopedic - Upper Extremity, Hand, Hip, Knee Hyannis
Nairus James Orthopedic Surgery Chestnut Hill
Nestelbaum Zamir Psychiatry Worcester
Nowell David Neuropsychology Brookline, Worcester
O'Connor William Otolaryngologist - Facial Plastic, Head, Neck, Surgery Fall River
Patz Robert Orthopedic Surgery - Sports Medicine Milton, Norwood
Polivy Kenneth Orthopedic Surgery - Spine Newton, Wellesley
Price Lloyd Psychiatry Concord
Rockett Francis Neurosurgery Newton
Rogers Michael Chiropractor Pembroke
Rynne Christopher Orthopedic Surgery Hingham
Sampson Christian Plastic Surgery, Hand Surgery Boston
Saris Stephen Neurosurgery Fall River, Boston
Seefeld William Ophthalmology Springfield
Shalnov Anatoly Physiatrist, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Musculoskeletal Medicine - Pain Management Cambridge
Silver Steven Orthopedic - Hand, Upper Limb Springfield, Worcester
Skoff Hillel Orthopedic - Hand, Upper Limb Brookline
Snyder Daniel C. Orthopedic Surgery Newton, MA
Sorrell Michael Neurology Springfield
Soumekh Fereshteh Neurology - Pain, Clinical Neurophysiology Newton
Swensen David Chiropractor Melrose
Swift Jeffrey Chiropractor, Neurology Mattapoisset, North Dartmouth
Swotinsky Robert Occupational Medicine Sudbury
Thomson Donald Neurology Waltham
Toczylowski Henry Orthopedic Chestnut Hill
Todd James Internal Medicine - Cardiovascular Disease, Stroke, Back Pain, Depression, Heart failure Newton
Tubridy Stephen Podiatrist, Foot Surgeon Newton
Vaisman Julien Internal Medicine, Anesthesiology, Pain Medicine Peabody
Wagner Andrea Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Musculoskeletal medicine, Pain Management Cambridge
Walsh Eric Orthopedic Surgery/Hand, Elbow Attleboro, MA, Pawtucket, RI
Ward Daniel Orthopedic Surgery - Hip, Knee Chestnut Hill
Weinruch Larry Internal Medicine and Cardiovascular Medicine Watertown
Whaley Marc Psychiatry Chatham
Whitelaw George Orthopedics Milton
Wolf Ralph Orthopedic Surgery Nashua, NH
Yavner Susan Dentist Medford
Younan Emad Pain Management Peabody
Zilberfarb Jeffrey Orthopedic Surgery (No Back/Neck) Boston