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Indoor Fire Safety

Learn how to stay safe from fire inside your home.
  • Burns and scalds.  The leading burn problem in Massachusetts is hot liquid scalds to children under age 5. Learn to prevent and treat burns from hot liquid and burns from fire and heat. 
  • Electrical.  Electrical fires are a leading cause of fire deaths in Massachusetts. Learn to prevent electrical fires. 
  • Home Oxygen. Learn about using home oxygen safely at home.
  • Fire sprinklers.  Residential sprinklers put out 90% of fires in the home before the fire department arrives [1]. This prevents the fire from spreading to other areas of the home, thus preventing further damage and protecting people inside from harm. Learn more about installing fire sprinklers in your home.
  • Dryers.  Tips to prevent a clothes dryer fire.
  • House numbers.  Make sure that the numbers on your house or building are large and clear from the street. This helps emergency personnel to find you quickly.
  • Manufactured homes.  Learn to prevent fires in a manufactured home.