Infant and Early Childhood ( ages 0-5) Mental Wellness resources

Resources for infants and young children up to age 5

Partnership for Early Childhood Mental Health

Partnership for Early Childhood Mental Health: The Early Childhood Mental Health Partnership’s goal is to expand mental health services for children 0 to 8 and their families, and to build mental health awareness and capacity in all child serving programs and agencies.  Our particular focus is the pediatric medical home, which is the first place many parents turn when they have questions about their children’s social or emotional development.  We provide professional and parent training programs, technical assistance, to child serving programs and in our Boston pilot sites, direct services for families and children.

Sesame Street In Communities

Sesame Street in Communities: At Sesame Street in Communities you’ll find hundreds of bilingual multi-media tools to help kids and families enrich and expand their knowledge during the early years of birth through six, a critical window for brain development. Our resources engage kids and adults in everyday moments and daily routines—from teaching early math and literacy concepts, to encouraging families to eat nutritious foods, to serious topics such as divorce and food insecurity.

Sesame Street in Communities, Traumatic Experiences: When a child endures a traumatic experience, the whole family feels the impact. But adults hold the power to help lessen its effects. Several factors can change the course of kids’ lives: feeling seen and heard by a caring adult, being patiently taught coping strategies and resilience-building techniques, and being with adults who know about the effects of such experiences. Here are ways to bring these factors to life. 

Boston Children's Museum Parent & Educator Resources

Boston Children's Museum Parent & Educator Resources:  Boston Children's Museum has been creating curriculum, activities and other resources for educators and parents for 100 years. These resources are used in every state in the United States and in over 100 countries around the world, and are rooted in decades of understanding how children learn most effectively, and how adults can best support that learning.


Boston Children's Museum - 100 Ways to Play:  In 100 years of creating, educating and innovating, Boston Children's Museum has encouraged children and families to play together at the Museum, at home and out in the world in more ways than we can count. Every day, there are a wealth of opportunities for adults and their children to play and grow together. We have chosen 100 of our favorites, in honor of our 100th anniversary and we share them with you here. See how many of these 100 Ways to Play you can try together this year!