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Information for firearms dealers

Please see the information below regarding firearms dealers in the Commonwealth

Applications for dealer, ammunition, or gunsmith licenses

To sell firearms, ammunition, or to be a gunsmith you must apply for a license. Applications must be submitted to the police department where your shop is located.  


Additional Resources for Applications for dealer, ammunition, or gunsmith licenses

Firearm Transaction Recording Regulations

Massachusetts regulations require that all firearms dealers report their sales through the Massachusetts Instant Record Check System (MIRCS).  


Firearms dealer business location requirements

Massachusetts law requires that all firearms dealers maintain a place of business that is not a residence or dwelling where they must conduct all transactions and keep all their records.

Case law further determines that the residence or dwelling be a building that is not at the same address as the residence of the dealer, and in a commercial setting. 


Additional Resources for Firearms dealer business location requirements

Conditions of Dealer's Licenses

Massachusetts law places multiple conditions of firearms dealer's licenses that must be followed.

Additional Resources for Conditions of Dealer's Licenses


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