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This page contains information for schools about what applications they will need to submit to in order to become a licensed occupational school.  It also includes information about obtaining instructor and staff approval, which occurs at licensure, renewal, and anytime a school hires someone new.  DPL will review license applications and conduct criminal background checks of principals, administrators, employees, and other individuals who are related to private occupational schools. Schools also must furnish a bond with surety or a form of indemnification acceptable to DPL in an amount determined by the OSA of not less than $5,000.

Online Initial and Renewal Applications and Instructions

DPL is moving toward a paperless application process.  Schools may now apply for a new school license, or renew their existing license through the online portal.  Schools should be aware that submission of a paper application will increase the amount of time it takes to review that application.  Therefore, schools are strongly encouraged to use the online system.

Branch Forms

Enrollment Agreements and Program Cost Worksheet

The Program Cost Worksheet is for any programs (1) beginning after July 1, 2017, and (2) exceeding $2,000 in total cost, schools must use the Program Cost Worksheet. The link also includes a memo about the Program Cost Worksheet and some FAQs that are meant to guide schools. Schools are encouraged to contact DPL with any questions.
***The Division of Professional Licensure has received feedback regarding the Program Cost Worksheet. In turn, DPL has updated the worksheet to (1) clarify that the title should always be “Program Cost Worksheet”; (2) added a place for both the student’s name and, if applicable, a student’s ID; (3) clarified that grants can be both state and federal; and, finally, (4) added a Word version so schools can make changes, as needed, for their own school.

Ethics Training for Sales Representatives, Admissions Representatives, and Administrators of Licensed Private Occupational Schools

All sales representatives, admissions representatives, and administrators must submit evidence of having completed the Ethics Training at initial licensure and at each renewal. Evidence of completion consists of reading the Ethics Training slides and then signing the last page and forwarding that page to DPL.

Facility Inspection Reports

Miscellaneous Application Documents

Ownership Forms

Program, Course and Equipment

School and Student Records

Staff Forms