Inmate programming

Our department offers work, education and general programs which vary by facility.


We have established a comprehensive network of programming. Participation in any program is voluntary, however inmates are strongly encouraged to participate in as many programs as they can. Educational assessments take place upon commitment at MCI Cedar Junction or MCI Framingham. Most of our prisons include full-service general and law libraries staffed by professional librarians.

Additional Resources for

Educational programs

  • Adult Basic Education
  • Language Education
  • Pre-G.E.D and G.E.D. prep courses
  • College and Advanced Academics
  • Special Education

You can see a full listing of every program we offer to inmates in our Program Description Booklet.

Work Training Programs

  • Automotive & Auto Body Classes
  • Barber School
  • Building Trades
  • Computer Skills Classes
  • Cosmetology
  • Culinary Arts
  • Horticulture
  • IT Essentials
  • Small Engine Repair
  • Welding

Please refer to the Program Description Booklet for more detailed information on work training programs.

General Programs

  • Religious
  • Recreational
  • Volunteer based
  • Cognitive and behavioral
  • Community partnership based
  • Self-Improvement
  • Vendor Facilitated Core Programming
    • Spectrum Health Services, Inc. (substance abuse and cognitive behavioral programming)
    • Forensic Health Services (sex offender treatment)

Please refer to the Program Description Booklet for more detailed information on general programming.

Correctional Industries

As the Commonwealth's prison industry program, MassCor offers inmates the opportunity to develop their professional skills and work ethic while providing affordable goods and services. MassCor employs approximately 500 offenders, managing 17 manufacturing operations within seven institutions. Some of the manufacturing includes:

  • Optical
  • Printing
  • Embroidery
  • Janitorial
  • Furniture
  • Clothing

Additional Resources for

Pre-Release inmates

Pre-Release inmates may be able to take part in the Work Release Program. This program:

  • Matches an inmate's skills with job opportunities in the community

  • Allows inmates to earn at least minimum wage

  • Gives an inmate work experience to make the employment process easier after release

To participate, an inmate must meet eligibility and be within 18 months of release or parole eligibility.