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How to become a member of the SRC.

The goal of the State Rehabilitation Council (SRC or Council) is to partner with the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission to support and advise the agency in the provision of high quality, value-based vocational rehabilitation services that lead to meaningful and sustainable competitive employment for individuals with disabilities. The SRC meets four times a year and has additional committees that meet on an ongoing basis. During COVID-19, all meetings are being held virtually via Zoom.

The SRC partners with the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission to serve a broad range of individuals with disabilities seeking employment. We work to ensure that all individuals interested in joining the Council are offered an equal opportunity to be considered for membership without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran, or disability status.

There are a variety of ways to participate and/or serve on the State Rehabilitation Council.  These include 

  • Gubernatorial appointed member: The SRC has twenty-one (21) gubernatorial appointed members, the majority of whom are individuals with disabilities, appointed by the Governor to serve staggered terms. These are voting members who can serve up to two consecutive three year terms. Gubernatorial members must apply for SRC membership (see details below).
  • Ex Officio member: The SRC has up to fifteen ex-officio members whom have all the rights and privileges of Council members except that they cannot vote. The individuals nominated by the Council either to ensure the broadest possible representation from organizations and agencies serving individuals with disabilities or in recognition of the individual’s participation and demonstrated interest in the affairs of the Council.  Ex-officio membership is renewable annually by the Council at the time of the Annual Meeting to take effect concurrent with the beginning of the fiscal year. Ex-Officio members must apply for SRC membership (see details below).
  • General public member: The SRC welcomes members of the general public to participate in SRC meetings throughout the year.  General public members do not need to apply for membership. Please visit the SRC website for the meeting schedule and more information on how to participate. 

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Expectations of SRC Members

Members are expected to

  • Represent/vocalize perspectives of individuals with disabilities seeking employment
  • Attend and participate in the four quarterly meetings
  • Prepare for meetings by reading materials in advance
  • Encouraged to serve on at least one committee
  • Stay informed about current trends, challenges, and innovations specific to disability employment
  • Be knowledgeable of the SRC By-laws and Guidebook

If you are interested in joining the council or receiving updates regarding meetings, complete the Membership Form or Send an email to MRC.StateRehabCouncil@MassMail.State.MA.Us

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