Learn about the Quabbin Boat Seal program

All private boats must have a Quabbin Boat Seal (QBS) to launch on the reservoir. There are 2 methods of getting a seal for your boat and trailer.

Boat Decontamination program

The Boat Decontamination program uses high temperature water to completely wash the:

  • Boat
  • Motor
  • Trailer

High temperature water kills any aquatic invasive species.

Your trailer and boat will be sprayed down and the motor flushed.

No carpeting allowed anywhere on the trailer, including bunks and side rails.

This program costs $45 and is only available by appointment.

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Cold Weather Quarantine program

The CWQ program is a visual inspection of your boat and trailer done during the winter.

You must clean your equipment at the end of the season and let nature take care of the rest. Freezing temperatures and dry conditions kill any aquatic invasive species.

This free program is available by appointment only.

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