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Learn about what qualifies as harassment

Find out if you're eligible to request a harassment prevention order

Harassment prevention orders are not limited to specific types of relationships.

You may ask for a Harassment Prevention Order (a "258E Order) from a judge if:

You are suffering from harassment because:

  • someone has committed 3 or more acts:
    • that were willful and malicious.  This means it was done on purpose and was done for cruelty, hostility or revenge.
    • and were aimed at you,
    • and were intended to cause you fear, intimidation, abuse or damage to property, “Abuse” means causing or attempting to cause physical harm, or causing fear of imminent serious physical harm.
    • and did in fact cause you fear, intimidation, abuse or damage to property;
  • or someone has forced you to have sex or threatened you into having sex at least once,
  • or someone has committed one of the following crimes against you at least once:
    • indecent assault and battery
    • rape
    • statutory rape
    • assault with intent to rape
    • enticement of a child
    • criminal stalking
    • criminal harassment or
    • drugging for sexual intercourse


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