Find out if you're eligible to request an abuse prevention order

If you're being abused or harassed, you may be able to request a restraining order.

When can I ask for an abuse prevention order?

An abuse prevention order is limited to someone with whom you have a specific types of relationship (family, intimate, residential). You can’t get an abuse prevention order against someone who doesn’t fall under one of these categories. If you’re being abused by someone who isn't in one of the categories listed below, see harassment prevention orders.

You can ask for an abuse prevention order (209A order) from a judge if the person abusing you is:

  • Someone who you are or were married to
  • Someone who you are or were living with
  • A family member related by blood or marriage
  • The parent of your child, even if you were never married, or
  • Someone who you are or have been in a serious dating or engagement relationship with

and you’re suffering from abuse because the person using abuse has:

  • Harmed or attempted to harm you physically
  • Caused you to fear that you’re likely to be physically hurt at any moment, or
  • Forced you to have sex or threatened you into having sex

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