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Local Food Purchase Assistance Cooperative Agreement Program

MDAR will be submitting an application to USDA to implement the Local Food Purchase Assistance Cooperative Agreement Program (LFPA) for Massachusetts. Here, you can stay up to date on the latest news about our efforts related to the LFPA Program.

What is the LFPA?

The USDA Agricultural Marketing Service is establishing the Local Food Purchase Assistance Cooperative Agreement Program (LFPA). The LFPA program is part of the “Build Back Better” initiative, authorized by the American Rescue Plan. The purpose of this program is to maintain and improve food and agricultural supply chain resiliency and the program will award up to $400 million through non-competitive cooperative agreements with state and tribal governments to support local, regional, and socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers through the purchase of domestic local foods. Local and regional farmers and ranchers are those within the state or 400 miles of delivery destination. The cooperative agreements will allow for state and tribal governments to procure and distribute local and regional foods and beverages that are healthy, nutritious and unique to their geographic area.  The food will meet the needs of the population, and serve feeding programs, including food banks, schools and organizations that reach underserved communities. In addition to increasing local food consumption, funds will help build and expand economic opportunity for local and socially disadvantaged producers.

To self-identify as a socially disadvantaged farmer or producer, please complete this form. Your information will be used to build a database for outreach purposes. 

Should MDAR’s application (due by 5/6/2022) be approved by USDA, the Commonwealth anticipates receiving up to $7.5 million.

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More Information

To help guide and inform our application, MDAR held a listening session for the public on February 3, 2022. Watch the recording here.

If you would like to receive Department updates and subscribe to the Farm & Market Report, please send blank email to: subscribe-agr-farmandmarketreport@listserv.state.ma.us.


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