MAFMA Training and Tutorials

The Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance's (DCAMM's) MAFMA program coordinates training opportunities for facilities personnel throughout the state.

MAFMA University

Each year we offer a curriculum of informative subjects covering the “best practices” on facility operations and maintenance. In these tight fiscal times, this is an excellent opportunity for you to "hone your skills" and/or assist your staff. And for MAFMA members there is no charge to your agency or facility.

MAFMA members are encouraged to notify DCAMM about training programs that they recommend or which appear to be worth pursuing. 

Please contact Tom Tagan for further information.

Helpful Information Sheets, Tutorials and Presentations

Asbestos Webinar

Absorption Chillers 101

Accessibility Compliance, Measuring Door Pressure

Accessibility and Safety

Addressable Lighting Control

Air Filtration Webinar

Air Handling Systems 101

Arc Flash

Biomass Boiler Systems

Bloodborne Pathogens Training Guide for Workers Assigned to Pick-Up Discarded Syringes

Building Environment Current Situation-Supply, Staff Shortages

Building Inspection Checklist

Chilled Beams 101

Co-Generation Systems

Condensing Boilers

Condensing Boiler Vent Designs

Construction Controls

Cooling Tower Presentation

Demand Response in New England

DEP Regulations on Waste Disposal and PV Recycling Options

DLS Enforcement Inspections

Elevator 101

Energy Data - Understanding Energy Data

Energy Recovery Wheels

Environmental Issues at Facilities

Existing Building Commissioning

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Hazard Communication & OSHA's Global Harmonized System (GHS)

Hazard Communication and Right-to-Know, How to Manage the Program

How to Maintain Water Conserving Fixtures and Low Impact Landscapes

Indoor Air Quality

Insulation and Air Sealing

Lockout Tagout Awareness

Low Carbon Technologies - Overview

MassCEC CleanTech (Water treatment)

Mass Hazardous Waste Regulations

Oil and Hazardous Material Spills

Personal Protective Equipment

Photovoltaic (PV) Operations and Maintenance

Refrigerant Management. – EPA Refrigerant Management Requirements for 2019

Resilience in Existing Buildings Webinar

Roof Maintenance

Security Systems Best Practices

Slate Roofs

Snow and Ice Operations - MassDOT

Solar Thermal Systems Operations and Maintenance

Sustainable Building Materials Part 1

Sustainable Building Materials Part 2

Sustainable Building Materials Part 3

Underground Storage 101 Presentation and Video

Understanding Energy Data

Variable Air Volume (VAV) Boxes

Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems

Water Treatment

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