Manufactured housing community rules

Download the Attorney General's Model Community Rules and learn how to submit your own community rules for review.

Instructions for submitting manufactured housing community rules

The Attorney General's Office (AGO) has provided full instructions for drafting, revising, and submitting community rules as well as a downloadable template of the AGO's Model Rules are located below. In drafting and submitting rules, these are some important things to remember.  

  1. Write, revise, amend, or update your rules: If you are issuing rules for the first time, use the the Model Community Rules below. If you propose any changes to the Model Rules you must "redline" or otherwise highlight those propose changes. This will facilitate the AGO's review of your rules. If you are submitting revised rules that were not approved or amending previously approved community rules, you must redline those proposed changes as well. 
  2. Effective date: Propose a date you wish to make your rules effective
  3. Notify your residents: At least 75 days before the effective date you must send a copy to residents' or tenants' association and conspicuously post a copy in a common area. The copy must also include a notice informing residents of their right submit comment to their community owner/operator. 
  4. Submit your rules to the AGO and the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD): At least 60 days before the proposed effective date you must send your proposed rules by certified mail, return receipt requested. 
  5. Re-notify your residents: At least 30 days before your proposed effective date, you must send or deliver each resident a copy of the rules. 
  6. AGO and DHCD review notification: Following submission, the AGO and DHCD will attempt to complete review of your rules within 60 days. 

If the AGO and DHCD have any objections to your proposed rules, they will send you written objections and ask that you submit revised rules. 

If the AGO and DHCD have no objections, you may implement your rules. 

If the AGO and DHCD do not respond within 60 days, you may temporarily implement rules. However, if the AGO and DHCD notify you that any rule is not satisfactory, from that point forward the rule is not longer enforceable, and must be modified as necessary for allowance and then redistributed to residents. 

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Downloadable Model Community Rules

Below you can find a modifiable version of the Attorney General's Model Community Rules. Please remember to redline or highlight any changes you make to the model rules before submitting them to the Attorney General's Office. 

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