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Massachusetts Bar Exam Results

Massachusetts posts the names of all who passed the written portion of the bar exam and provides the statistics of the Massachusetts law schools.

Before reporting to the Supreme Judicial Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts on the character, acquirements and qualifications of the petitioners, the Board of Bar Examiners must give public notice of those persons that have passed the law examination held on February 21-22, 2023.  If no objection is made, they may be recommended to the Supreme Judicial Court for admission. 

The list of passing examinees from the February bar exam can be found here beginning April 21, 2023.

Bar Exam Statistics

February 2023 Overview

A total of 494 examinees sat for the February 2023 bar examination, of whom 40.3% passed. 

There were 189 first-time takers, of whom 59.8% passed the exam. 

Examinees Taking Exam in Massachusetts Number Taking Number Passing Percent Passing

First Time

189 113 59.8%

Second Time

177 64 36.2%

Third Time

46 13 28.3%

Fourth Time or More

82 9 11.0%


494 199 40.3%

A summary of February 2023 bar exam statistics for Massachusetts Law Schools is found at the link below.

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