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Massachusetts Firefighter Service Awards

The Massachusetts Firefighter Service Awards recognizes and honors the Commonwealth's firefighters for years of service.

In February, 1999, the Massachusetts Fire Service Commission announced the Massachusetts Firefighter Service Awards, created to annually recognize and honor the Commonwealth's firefighters for years of service. All firefighters who were nominated by their fire department heads are listed in this website. To these firefighters who have served to protect the lives and property of the citizens of the Commonwealth, some for over 70 years, we would like to say congratulations and thank you for your dedication and commitment to public safety.

The Firefighter Service Award is available to any Massachusetts firefighter who has served for any period of time totaling 20 or more years, in five-year increments. The award is available to career, call, and volunteer members of every fire department in the Commonwealth who meet the applicable criteria for their respective award.

Nominations for the Massachusetts Firefighter Service Awards are made by the heads of the fire departments and are in one of three categories: Massachusetts Career Firefighter Service Award, Massachusetts Call Firefighter Service Award, and Massachusetts Volunteer Firefighter Service Award. Each award recipient receives a certificate signed by the State Fire Marshal, the Chair of the Massachusetts Fire Service Commission, and head of the fire department. There is an Appeal for Consideration Form which is self-explanatory. In addition, an award pin was designed by the Fire Service Commission for each of the three categories for purchase and distribution by the head of the fire department to fire service award recipients.

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