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Massachusetts Pesticide Board

The Board is responsible for advising the Commissioner on administration and implementation of pesticide general laws.

The Massachusetts Pesticide Control Act (M.G.L. 132B ) was passed in 1978 with the purpose of conforming the laws of Massachusetts with federal requirements on registration and certification of pesticides as set forth in the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) and the federal regulations thereunder. The Massachusetts Pesticide Control Act also created within the Department the Massachusetts Pesticide Board. 

The thirteen member board consists of representatives of the Department of Agricultural Resources, Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Food and Drugs, Department of Fish and Game, Department of Conservation and Recreation, Department of Public Health, as well as farming, commercial pesticide applicators, pesticide toxicology, the environmental community, the medical community, and citizens at large.


The Board's responsibilities entail advising the Commissioner of Agricultural Resources with respect to the implementation and administration of M.G.L. c. 132B . The Board also hears appeals of those aggrieved by the actions or decisions of the Department or the Subcommittee of the Pesticide Board. The Pesticide Control Act, additionally, assigns the Board the responsibility for approving a variety of Departmental actions. Among the actions requiring Board approval include:

All regulations, standards and forms proposed by the Department to implement and administer the Pesticide Control Act.

  • Cooperative agreements and contracts with respect to M.G.L. c. 132B and FIFRA. 
  • Action necessary to secure for the Commonwealth the benefits of FIFRA and other federal legislation.
  • Declarations of pests and devices to be subject to the provisions of M.G.L. c. 132B .

Meetings and Minutes

The Massachusetts Pesticide Board is required to meet four times annually, usually on the first Wednesday of the Month when a meeting is scheduled.  The meeting of the Pesticide Board and Subcommittee are open to the public unless they go into executive session.

To receive electronic notices of meetings, other materials related to the Board, or if you have questions, please contact our office.

Meeting Minutes

December 7, 2017
September 7, 2017
June 7, 2017
March 24, 2017
March 1, 2017

Pesticide Board Members

State Agency Members:

John Lebeaux, Commissioner, MDAR
Kathy Romero, Designee for Commissioner Martin Suuberg, MDEP
Marc Nascarella, Ph.D Deginee for Commissioner Dr. Monica Bharel, M.D., MDPH
Michael Moore, MDPH, Food Protection Program
Ken Simmons, Designee for Commissioner Ronald Amidon, MDFG
Ken Gooch, Deginee for Commissioner Leo Roy, MDCR

Public Members (Appointed by the Governor)

Richard Berman, Commercial Pesticide Applicator
Laurell Farinon, Conservation Agent
Dr. Jack Looney, Public Member
Dr. Brian Magee, Toxicologist
Steven F. Ward, Farmer
Richard C. Brittain, Public Member
Dr. Steven Bradley Bird, Physician


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