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MassPerform Coaching/Check-in Pilot

We are moving the management evaluation process from an annual event driven system (currently ACES) to a more impactful coaching/check-in model, allowing managers to be increasingly confident when providing feedback while creating a more simple and agile framework for goal setting. This is the basis for the MassPerform pilot!

The MassPerform Pilot includes all managers from:

  • Executive Office of Technology Services and Security (EOTSS)
  • Department of Revenue (DOR)
  • Human Resources Division (HRD)

Managers in the MassPerform pilot are not participating in the FY19 ACES cycle. MassPerform, like ACES though, will include a final review rating.

As MassPerform pilot participants we will:

  • Ask for and provide continuous and regular feedback tied to performance and achievement of goals
  • Revisit and revise expectations in check-ins throughout the year to ensure they remain relevant as business priorities change
  • Provide candid feedback regarding the effectiveness of the program and material resources

Key Program Events



Kickoff 1st Check-In

July 2018

2nd Check-In

October 2018

3rd Check-In

January 2019

4th Check-In

April 2019

Wrap Up

June 2019