Performance Management for Managers

Effective July 6, 2021, MassPerform replaces the Achievement and Competency Enhancement System (ACES) for managers’ performance evaluations. MassPerform was developed in 2018 based on recommendations from a multi-secretariat taskforce and has been piloted with over 400 managers.

MassPerform is a coaching / check-in model that allows managers and employees to have meaningful conversations about performance while adapting to changing business needs throughout the year. This conversation-based approach focuses on clear expectations, real-time feedback, and employee-driven development.

To support managers in the transition to MassPerform, a 40-minute required Intro to MassPerform training will be available in early June. It is recommended that managers complete this training by July 30, 2021 – or before they begin the Kickoff phase.


  • MassPerform applies only to performance reviews for managers. Performance evaluations for Bargaining Unit and Confidential employees will continue to occur under the Employee Performance Review System (EPRS).
  • Managers will still complete the FY2021 review cycle in ACES.
  • In the MassPerform model, Manager refers to the Appraising Manager (supervisor of a manager-level employee). Employee refers to the Reporting Manager (manager-level employee being reviewed).
    • Manager-level employees with manager-level direct reports will have both Manager and Employee responsibilities throughout the review cycle.

Key Program Events

The MassPerform review cycle occurs in three key phases:




Annual Kickoff

July – August

  • Managers set expectations and employees set goals to meet those expectations.
  • Initial Check-in conversation to discuss what success for the upcoming year looks like for the employee.

Ongoing Check-ins

September – April

  • Quarterly (at minimum) meetings to foster the sharing of two-way feedback and the addition / modification of expectations or goals as needed.
  • Employees can optionally initiate development-based Check-in meetings with their manager.

Wrap Up

May – June

  • Employees reflect on their own performance and business impacts over the past year.
  • Managers review employees’ self-reflection before conducting their own assessment and rating of the employee’s performance.
  • Final Check-in of the year to share feedback and discuss the employee’s annual performance.

MyPath System

A new user-friendly and Commonwealth-wide system called MyPath will serve as a central resource for all managers to complete performance management tasks, and for both all employees to access learning and training tools. For MassPerform users:

  • MyPath will support the alignment of performance expectations and goals, memorialization of feedback, as well as optional employee-led development planning.
  • Managers and Employees will be able to add/modify expectations and goals throughout the year, as necessary.
  • The system will automatically generate personal, action-oriented communications during the review cycle to help users remember key dates and tasks.

MyPath demonstration videos and job aids are available on the MassPerform Training, Resources and Job Aids page

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