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MET Environmental License Plate Important Information

Find important information regarding the eligibility, purchase and renewal of MET Environmental License Plates.

Costs and fees associated with the license plates

  • A Massachusetts Environmental Trust specialty license plate costs $40, in addition to the $60 RMV registration fee ($100.00) and if applicable, a one-time RMV swap fee of $20 to process the conversion. The swap fee is payable when you pick up your plate at an RMV branch.
  • Your registration fees are not included during the new plate development process. You must renew your current vehicle registration bi-annually at a fee of $100.00. Of this fee $40.00 goes to MET and $60 is the RMV’s registration renewal fee.
  • Mid year replacements: if your current plate expires in August and your new plate expires in January then the RMV registration system will charge you a prorated additional amount for the extra time you receive on your registration.
  • $28 is tax-deductible with your first-time order ($12 goes to the RMV for production costs) and the entire $40 specialty plate fee is a tax-deductible donation upon renewal.

Who can get an MET Environmental License Plate?

  • 30,000+ Massachusetts drivers of passenger vehicles have one of MET’s 3 Environmental License Plates and all of these people are helping our environment while preserving the Bay State’s heritage and water resources.

  • You do not need to be a Massachusetts resident. Anyone with a car registered in the state of Massachusetts may purchase an MET Environmental Specialty Plate.

  • Specialty plates are for passenger vehicles only. In addition: Your registration must be active and in good standing. You must be the registered owner of the vehicle.

  • As of now, you cannot put a specialty plate on a commercial vehicle. There is legislation being proposed that would allow commercial vehicles to be able to have a specialty plate.

  • You can put a specialty plate on a leased vehicle. You will need a Power of Attorney letter from your leasing agent in addition to a RMV-3 form signed by your car insurance provider. Car dealerships will not have MV plates available, so you will need to accept whatever plate the dealer puts on the vehicle and then make the swap at the your local RMV.

  • As of now, you cannot put a specialty plate on a motorcycle. There is legislation being proposed that would allow motorcycles to be able to have a specialty plate.

Application, paperwork, and pickup information

  • You must bring a completed RMV-3 form signed by your car insurance provider. To obtain this form, call your car insurance provider and ask them to send you a signed RMV-3 form for a plate swap. Bring this form with you to the RMV. As long as your current registration is in good standing (no outstanding excise taxes, fines, tickets, etc.) you will be able to take your new license plate home.

  • You will be notified by mail that your plates have been shipped to the requested Registry of Motor Vehicles branch listed on your application. Bring your registration and current plates (if applicable) to the branch at that time.

  • MassDOT requires a separate application and check for each specialty plate requested.

  • If you are purchasing the license plate as a gift, please enter the information of the individual that the car is registered to. The order form information should match the information associated with the registration of the car.

  • As long none of the information on the originally submitted application has changed, someone can swap your plate on your behalf.

General Information

  • The special plates are renewed every two years.

  • You cannot personalize these plates. Like all Massachusetts specialty license plates, the plates begin with two letters followed by up to four digits.

  • Special plates are randomly assigned. You may not request a particular plate number or retain your current plate number. If you are interested in our low number (1-99) auction, you can sign up for our mailing list.

  • Proceeds from the sale of these environmentally-themed license plates afford MET to make grants that support:

    • Protecting endangered species

    • Supporting research teams that disentangle whales

    • Research on whale study and conservation

    • Development of safer technologies of fishing gear

    • Restoring marine and freshwater habitat

    • Monitoring water quality throughout the state

  • For more information, you can contact the state's Specialty Plate Department at: 1-857-368-8031.

Purchase Now

You can purchase any of these three specialty plates online through the Mass RMV website. Make sure you have your current Massachusetts registration number, your plate type, and your registration expiration date before you go to make your purchase.

Important notes:

  • Your new specialty plate, registration, and decal will be mailed to you, so be sure to update your address on file before purchasing the plate.
  • If your registration is expiring this current month, and it is past the 15th, then you can't purchase the plate online.
  • Company-owned (commercial) and company-leased vehicles cannot order a specialty plate. However, if you are leasing a vehicle, you can ask the dealer for an environmental plate.