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MOR-EV Rebate Program

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Funded by the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs’ Department of Energy Resources (DOER), MOR-EV provides rebates of up to $2,500 for the purchase or lease of battery electric vehicles and fuel-cell electric vehicles and up to $1,500 for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles with a sales price not more than $50,000.

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MOR-EV Trucks

The MOR-EV Trucks Program aims to provide air pollution emission reductions for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (Commonwealth) by increasing the use of electric trucks (incl. buses, vans, etc.) through the offering of rebates to purchasers who register their medium duty/heavy duty on-road vehicles in the Commonwealth.

Purchases or leases of  battery electric and fuel-cell electric vehicles with a sales price of more than fifty thousand dollars ($50,000)  and having a  gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of more than 8,500 pounds made on or after February 16, 2021 are eligible for a rebate in the MOR-EV Trucks Program.  Parties can apply for a rebate following purchase and registration of the medium/heavy duty vehicle(s) in Massachusetts. The amount of the rebates under the MOR-EV Trucks Program are determined by the vehicle GVWR and applicable Block that the purchaser qualifies for under the program.

Current rebate levels, remaining rebates in the block, and available program funds remaining are below: 

MOR-EV Table 1


B. Electric Vehicles over 14,001 pounds GVWR: Electric Vehicles with a GVWR of greater than 14,000 pounds can apply for a voucher which reserves a rebate at the current rebate block value.  A voucher may be provided to an applicant who has demonstrated an intent to purchase, which may be evidenced by a completed purchase order, where delivery of the truck will occur after it is manufactured.  Vouchers for vehicles with a GVWR between 14,001 and 26,000 pounds will be valid for nine  months, and can include a one-time good-cause extension of nine-months.  Vouchers for vehicles with a GVWR of greater than 26,000 pounds will be valid for twelve months, and can receive a one-time good-cause extension of nine-months. A valid voucher should be submitted to the Center for Sustainable Energy, along with other rebate application requirements, for the payment of the rebate following delivery and registration of the applicable vehicle in Massachusetts.

C. Blocks: The incentive values will follow a declining block schedule. Incentive values will decline by fifteen percent (15%) following each full block. Incentives will remain static at Block 3 values until DOER completes a program review. The following is a listing of the blocks and the declining incentive values:

MOR-EV Table 2

D. Maximum Capacity Reservations. Individual parties may only reserve a maximum of ten percent (10%) of an available block. Purchases by an individual entity which exceed ten percent (10%) of a block will be assigned to the subsequent block value to the extent such block is not over prescribed.  Purchases by individual entities which exceed ten percent (10%) of Block 3 will be subject to continued fifteen percent (15%) block decline values until the DOER completes a program review.

E. Environmental Justice. Parties which can demonstrate the vehicle is registered within, or operates more than 50% of the time within, census block groups that meet the State’s Environmental Justice Income Criteria may be eligible for a rebate worth ten percent (10%) more than the current incentive block value.

F. Additional Requirements. Additional Information and Program Requirements:

  • MOR-EV Trucks Program: rebates and vouchers are available to both public and private (personal and commercial) purchases. 
  • Public fleet purchases may be removed from eligibility for MOR-EV Trucks Program in the future if an alternative program is established targeting electrification of public fleets.
  • MOR-EV Trucks Program incentive recipients must retain ownership of the vehicle(s) incentivized for a minimum of 36 consecutive months immediately after the vehicle(s) purchase or lease date. 
  • If a vehicles is leased, lease terms of at least 36 months are required for program eligibility. 
  • Resale of a MOR-EV Trucks Program vehicle for financial gain within 36 months is prohibited.
  • Vouchers are available to both direct purchases and purchases through third-party bulk orders.
  • MOR-EV Trucks incentives will not be provided to vehicle purchases or leases which receive funds from the Department of Environmental Protection's Volkswagen Settlement-Funded Grant & Incentive Programs or Diesel Emissions Reduction Act (DERA) programs.
  • MOR-EV Trucks Program incentive recipients will be subject to a one-time data provision requirement, which shall require reporting to the DOER the vehicle miles traveled during the   first year of operation to inform future programs and policies.

This site will be updated with additional program details from time to time.  To begin the application process, or ask a question about the program, please email