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Multi-Line Telephone System (MLTS) Regulations Information and Resources

Multi-Line Telephone System


Many thousands of residents and visitors to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts live, work, and frequent buildings and places where telephone service is provided by Multi-Line Telephone Systems (MLTS). MLTS are used in entities where multiple telephone lines are needed such as businesses, hotels, etc.

The goals of the Compliance Program are education and enforcement.  The Commonwealth has recently revised and published new MLTS Regulations (560 CMR 4.00) and several newsletter articles containing best practices.  The first goal of the Compliance Program is to educate organizations that have deployed MLTS as to what is required and how to achieve compliance.  The second goal is to enforce compliance with the 560 CMR 4.00 Regulations by communicating directly with organizations that are non-compliant with follow up on-site testing and MLTS audits.

Click on the links below to learn more about the State 911 MLTS Compliance Program.

MLTS Compliance Program Overview

Regulations Governing Enhanced 911 Service for Multi-Line Telephone Systems (MLTS)

MLTS Compliance Program List

Questions may be directed to the State 911 Department by e-mail at MLTS911@state.ma.us