Municipal Finance Trend Dashboard

Key Municipal Fiscal Health Indicators

Dashboard data is compiled from many sources: required municipal submissions to DLS, annual financial statements, state agency databases, and the US Census. Within each dashboard panel, we identify the source of the live data and make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information presented.

Looking to create a list of comparable communities? Use the Community Comparison report found here.  This report allows you to select a group of communities based on socioeconomic trends (population or size), financial indicators, county, and other useful criteria.

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Category One - Operating Position

Trends in certified free cash, stabilization fund balances, overlay reserves, general fund unassigned fund balances, self-insured health insurance trust fund balances and uncollected real estate taxes

Category One Dashboard

Category Two - Unfunded Liabilities

Trends in a community’s unfunded pension liability, funded ratio, pension investments and expected full funding data.

Category Two Dashboard

Category Three - Property Taxes

Trends in average single family tax bills, new growth, levies, tax rates, assessed values, excess and override capacity, Proposition 2½ ballot questions, and tax classification

Category Three Dashboard - Relating to Property Taxation (single family tax bills, new growth, assessed values, tax levies, tax rates, and tax classification)

Category Three Dashboard - Relating to Proposition 2½ limits (excess and override capacity, and Proposition 2½ ballot questions)

Category Four - General Fund Revenues and Expenditures

Trends in general fund revenues and expenditures

Category Four Dashboard

Category Five - Demographics

Trends in labor, income, population and equalized property valuations (EQVs)

Category Five Dashboard

Category Six - Debt

Trends in outstanding debt, debt service, bond ratings, and authorized but unissued debt

Category Six Dashboard

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