OTA Energy Efficiency Fact Sheets

Download fact sheets on energy efficiency, energy conservation and renewable energy.

Fact Sheets and Descriptions

Understanding Your Electric Bill: Saving Money on Demand Charges and Power Factor

Massachusetts manufacturers have a number of opportunities available to them to reduce the cost of electricity. These include financial incentives to implement energy efficiency measures and install renewable energy technologies; facilities also have the ability to reduce overall monthly demand charges. OTA is providing this fact sheet to help manufacturers better understand their electric bill so they can save money by reducing demand charges and improving operating efficiencies in their use of electricity.

Overview of Energy Efficiency Techniques and Resources for Massachusetts Industries

As energy costs rise, more companies are searching for ways to reduce their energy consumption in order to decrease their dependence on fossil fuels and stay competitive. This fact sheet will assist facility energy managers in developing energy management strategies for their companies and identifying techniques and funding sources for increasing the energy efficiency of their manufacturing operations. It also includes a wide variety of resources and tools to assist in these efforts.

Energy Saving Tips for Industrial and Commercial Buildings

This fact sheet is a review of how energy is used in buildings and then targeting improvements in equipment and procedures can lead to big cost savings. Furthermore, many corporate and government programs now strongly encourage energy conservation. The purpose of this fact sheet is to provide examples of energy saving tips for the general categories of building energy use that apply to most facilities.


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