Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy Case Studies

These companies have implemented energy efficiency measures or switched to renewable energy technologies.

Energy Case Studies A-Z

Acushnet Rubber Company

The company now known as Precix switched to more energy efficient lighting which lead to significant savings in electricity.


Clark University

Since 1982, the University has implemented multiple phases of energy efficiency measures and has a Climate Action Plan; all of which have resulted in energy conservation and other positive environmental results.


Crane and Company

The company, now known as Crane Currency, installed a turbine generator and combined heat & power (CHP) back-pressure steam turbine which saved the company nearly $275,000 annually in reduced energy costs.


Delaware Valley Corporation

The Delaware Valley Corporation has implemented several energy efficiency projects and a renewable energy project that have not only improved their operations but also saved the company approximately $38,000 in gas and electric costs in 2011. These projects include the installation of three air-to-air heat exchangers, an upgrade of lighting and controls, and an investment in a solar photovoltaic (PV) system at their Tewksbury location.


Mark Richey Woodworking, Inc.

Mark Richey Woodworking Inc. has implemented energy efficiency measures and installed a biomass boiler, 600 kW wind turbine, and 500 kW solar array. By 2017 the facility is expected to, on average, produce more electricity than it currently needs to operate, which will allow them to operate more or less off the electric grid.


Philips Lightolier

Philips Lightolier reduced energy consumption for its own lighting needs and enhanced the efficiency of its air compression system by monitoring compressed air movement and upgrading factory lighting. In total, these energy efficiency measures have saved the company 1,101,951 kWh and $137,000 annually.

Since OTA last worked with Philips Lightolier, the company phased out rooftop heaters and now uses heat generated from the new powder coating line for 50 percent of the factory’s comfort heat. This has reduced natural gas consumption by 42 percent and has saved $345,000 from 2007-2011. Additionally, Philips Lightolier has recently completed the installation of a 2.0 MW wind turbine.



The company implemented multiple energy efficiency measures over several years that have lead to significant cost savings and CO2 emissions reductions. 


Seaman Paper Company

Seaman Paper Company installed two wood-fired boilers, a heat exchanger, energy-efficient lighting, variable frequency drives, and a backpressure steam turbine to cogenerate electricity and process steam. These combined improvements led to annual reductions of 4.5 million kWh in purchased electricity use, 2 million gallons of fuel oil and 5.9 million pounds in CO2 emissions.


Stainless Steel Coatings, Inc.

Through a partnership with OTA and the MassSave energy efficiency program, National Grid, and Prism Energy Services, Stainless Steel Coatings has made its facility more energy efficient, reducing energy costs by 20-25%.


Tubed Products

The company, now known as Berry Global, implemented changes that reduced the energy consumption of its decorating operation.


V.H. Blackinton & Co.

The company has implemented several energy conservation measures, including the installation of two high efficiency natural gas boilers and a relamping project replacing old obsolete fixtures & lamps with new more efficient units to be completed in 2013.

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