Paramedic apprenticeship

Description of an apprenticeship as a Paramedic

Paramedic apprenticeship

O*NET/SOC Code: 29-2041.00 RAPIDS Code: 0543


Performs patient assessment. Maintains communication with medical facilities. Performs basis and advanced life support

On-the-job training


The major work processes in which apprentice paramedics will receive on-the-job training (although not necessarily in this order) and the approximate hours (not necessarily continuous) to be spent in each area are:                  

    Approximate hours
1. Performs patient assessment 700
2. Provides basic life support 800
3. Provides advanced life support 500
4. Administers drugs 350
5. Maintains communication with medical facilities 300
6. Extricates victims from entrapment 150
7. Manages musculoskeletal injuries 100
8. Manages soft tissue injuries 100
9. Administers cardiovascular emergency care 200
10. Assists in childbirth 100
11. Provides care to emotionally disturbed 100
12. Provides emergency care for shock victims 300
13. Maintains EMS equipment and apparatus 100
14. Prepares reports and maintains records 200
  Total hours 4000