Recreational Trails Program - Education Grants

Learn how you can receive funding for trail education.

The federally-funded Recreational Trail Program lets states set aside 5% of its apportionment to be allocated to educational projects which benefit all trail user groups.

Typical education projects may include:

  • Develop and operate statewide trail-related environmental education programs.
  • Develop and operate statewide trail safety education programs.
  • Develop and provide training on trail accessibility and sustainability
  • Develop and deliver training that promotes safety or environmental protection related to recreational trails. This includes training related to trail planning, design, construction, maintenance, operation, and assessment, because each of these steps can relate directly to safety and environmental protection. Note: this does not include training related to club or organizational development or grant-writing skills.
  • Youth Corps – projects that accomplish any of the above by hiring/enlisting/partnering with youth organizations, corps or individual volunteers are highly encouraged!  Please note that if the project proposes to utilize youth corps to accomplish a region/community-specific trails project, then the application would be more appropriately submitted to the general Recreational Trails Program grants as a “trail project”, not as an educational program. 

Program Details

DCR is accepting applications for the Recreational Trails Program - Education Grants with a due date/deadline of February 15, 2018.

Applicants are encouraged to apply for Trail Education grants with a maximum federal reimbursement total of $8,000 - $10,000 and will have approximately 24 months to complete their project after the award contract is signed.

Project Selection Criteria

To evaluate and select proposals, Massachusetts Recreational Trails Advisory Board will use the following criteria to assess whether the proposal:

  • Provides a positive impact to the statewide trail system in Massachusetts
  • Promotes safety and/or environmental protection related to recreational trails.
  • Clearly demonstrates the need for education relating to recreational trails
  • Includes supporting documentation/research which demonstrates the potential effectiveness of the initiative in meeting the need with an outcome that will be beneficial to the trails community. 
  • Describes a realistic, tangible project that can be accomplished in the time given, and has a realistic and appropriate budget.
  • Provides education which reaches out to the statewide trail community and all trail user groups.
  • Thoroughly considers relevant environmental, social and cultural issues and assists in minimizing or mitigating impacts to natural and cultural resources.  
  • Creates partnerships among trail users, organizations, or agencies

Application materials

2018 Education Grant Application

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Contact Information

For more information about the program or its requirements please contact:

Amanda Lewis

Recreational Trails Program Coordinator

136 Damon Road

Northampton, MA 01060
(413) 586-8706 ext. 19