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Section 8 Applications

Regional Section 8 Project-Based Voucher Applications

During the month of July 2009, DHCD will update all existing PBV waiting lists. Applicants on one or more PBV waiting lists will be contacted - by mail - and asked to return a pre-paid post-card to DHCD indicating their continued interest in remaining on each list. Applicants who respond to the update notice will not lose their place on the waiting list(s). Applicants who fail to respond to this update request will be removed from the list(s).

Attention All New Applicants - Check This Site For Periodic Updates
During this transition period, it is possible that some additional waiting lists will close, and others may re-open again, prior to an owner/property manager taking over the waiting list for a specific property. Persons interested in applying for a PBV unit at one of the regional administering agencies listed below should periodically check this website for updates.

When an owner/property manager is ready to assume responsibility for their PBV waiting list, DHCD will post additional information on this website that will explain how new applicants can apply for PBV assistance at specific properties.

Regional Section 8 Utility Allowances

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DHCD Section 8 Payment Standards

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