Replace a Culvert

DER is working to help municipalities replace undersized and unsafe culverts with ones that allow for natural stream flow processes, provide aquatic organism passage, and improve storm readiness.

Technical Assistance for Culvert Replacement

DER helps municipalities replace undersized and unsafe culverts. Undersized culverts can be barriers for fish and wildlife and pose a risk to the public. Massachusetts has regulatory standards for culverts - the Stream Crossing Standards. Culverts that meet the Standards can better protect against floods and are fish and wildlife friendly. DER works with towns to help them replace undersized culverts with ones that meet the Standards.

For technical assistance on new municipal culvert replacement projects, please contact Brian Kelder at 617-626-1541 orĀ

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DER has developed the following resources for use for the first phase of culvert replacement, site assessment.

Additional Resources for