Request a MPTC Training Verification Letter

How to request a MPTC Training Verification Letter


Every law enforcement officer in Massachusetts must successfully complete a basic Police Academy training program approved by the Municipal Police Training Committee (MPTC) or obtain an MPTC exemption from that requirement.[1]

Law enforcement agencies routinely require proof that a law enforcement officer has successfully completed basic training approved by the MPTC, or been exempted from that requirement, for a variety of reasons including:

  • The hiring of law enforcement officers, including Special Police Officers
  • The Peace Officer Standards and Training Commission (POST) certification process
  • The Massachusetts State Police (MSP) warrant process which grants arrest powers to Special State Police Officers pursuant to G.L. c. 22C[2]

Upon request and with the submission of proper supporting documentation, the MPTC will conduct a review of basic training records and, if warranted, issue a “Training Verification Letter” to the requestor.

Documentation Needed to Initiate a Training Verification Letter Request

To initiate a request for a Training Verification Letter, the MPTC requires:

  1. An MPTC cover sheet (posted on the website and attached to these instructions)
  2. Certificate or other documentation proving successful completion of a Police Academy or an exemption from that requirement
  3. Current resume
  4. Current CPR/First Responder Certification
  5. Current Firearms Certification

Minimum Requirements Needed to Obtain a Training Verification Letter

Before issuing a Training Verification Letter, the MPTC must confirm:

  1. Successful completion of a basic Police Academy training program approved by the MPTC or an exemption from that requirement
  2. Employment as a law enforcement officer within two years of graduation from the Academy
  3. No interruption in law enforcement service of five or more years
  4. Certified in CPR/First Responder by the MPTC
  5. Certified in firearms by the MPTC
  6. Up to date on all in-service training

 How to Request a Training Verification Letter

Training Verification requests should be emailed to with all required documentation attached. After the request and all documents have been received, the MPTC will conduct a review and determine if a Training Verification Letter can be issued. If it can, the Letter will be emailed to the requestor. If it cannot, the requestor will receive an explanation by email.


Purpose for Request

  • Hiring law enforcement officers
  • POST certification/recertification for law enforcement officers
  • MSP warrant process for SSPO’s
  • Other/Miscellaneous



Documentation Needed

  • MPTC Cover Sheet
  • Academy Graduation Certificate (or proof of an exemption)
  • Resume
  • Current CPR/First Responder Certification by MPTC
  • Current Firearms Certification by MPTC



Process Followed

  • Requestor emails cover sheet and all supporting documentation to
  • Upon receipt of all documentation, MPTC conducts review
  • MPTC either (a) emails Training Verification Letter to requester or (b) explains why it can’t issue the Letter
  • If a Training Verification Letter can’t be issued, in limited circumstances the MPTC will email a Training Eligibility Letter to the requestor, if warranted


[1] Exemptions can only be requested by a law enforcement officer’s hiring authority and can only be granted by majority vote of the MPTC’s fifteen-member Committee. Additional information regarding exemptions may be obtained by contacting

[2] From time to time, the MSP Certification Unit receives warrant requests for law enforcement officers who have not yet completed basic training, and/or obtained an exemption from that requirement. In these instances, the MPTC may issue a “Training Eligibility Letter” so that the warrant process can proceed.   

Complete the Training Verification Letter Request Form

  1. Download and complete the request
  2. Email the request and required documentation

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