Review open data sets from the Attorney General's Office

Data sets are available for consumer complaints, workplace complaints and citations, debarred contractors, bid protest decisions, and pending Open Meeting Law complaints.

The following data sets contain public information taken directly from complaints and documents filed with the Attorney General’s Office. The availability of this data does not mean that the office has made a decision on the merits of the complaints or the validity of the information. Data that may identify someone who filed a complaint or compromise an investigation has been excluded from the data sets.

Fair Labor Division data

The Attorney General’s Fair Labor Division provides public information about complaints, agency enforcement actions, debarment, and bid decisions.

Read about Fair Labor Division data.

Consumer Advocacy and Response Division complaints

Open Meeting Law determinations

Open Meeting Law complaints

Non-Profits and Charities Document Search

Charitable organizations operating in Massachusetts submit annual filings with the Attorney General’s Non-Profits and Charities Division.

Use the Non-Profits and Charities Document Search.

Municipal Law Unit decisions