Rule Changes and Invitations to Comment on Proposed Rules and Amendments

The court invites comments on new rules or proposed changes to existing rules and also announces rule changes.

Invitations to Comment

The court invites comments on the following new rules or proposed changes to existing rules. Invitations to comment that have expired are removed from the list.

Notice Inviting Comment on Proposed Amendments to Rule 55 of the Mass. Rules of Civil Procedure
Comments due by: August 16, 2019

Notice Inviting Comment on Proposed Amendment to Superior Court Rule 64: Appellate Division, Procedure and Forms
Comments due by: June 21, 2019

Draft Order Governing Appeals from Convictions of Murder in the First Degree
Comments due by: May 31, 2019

Proposed Increase in Procedural Amount in Civil Cases in Boston Municipal and District Courts
Comments due by: May 10, 2019

Rule Changes

The following are recent notices of rule changes and the date when each rule change goes into effect. Rule changes are removed from this list after the effective date has passed. Please refer to the Court's online listing of Rules of Court and Standing Orders to view updated rules and dates when rules were amended.

Repeal of current Rules of the Clients' Security Board and approval of new Rules of the Clients' Security Board
Effective: September 1, 2019

Supreme Judicial Court Order Amending Chapter Four of the Rules of the Supreme Judicial Court (Rule 4:04; Rule 4:05; Rule 4:06: Rule 4:08; Rule 4:09)
Effective: September 1, 2019

Superior Court Standing Order 2-87 (Electronic Recordation of Proceedings) Rescinded
Effective: June 10, 2019

A listing of Rules of Court and Standing Orders are available on the court's website. Please note that not all Massachusetts Rules of Court are available online. Efforts have been taken to ensure accuracy in all rules on the court's website, but if there are discrepancies between the electronic versions of the rules found on the website and the official print versions that appear in a volume such as Massachusetts Reports, the print version should be considered authoritative.